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Our team of experts will be delighted to assist, and of course, let you know of all the benefits with switching your business to a hosted desktop solution!



What is a hosted desktop solution

What is a hosted desktop solution

Do you have 2 minutes to spare? We have put together a very short video explaining what a hosted is and some of the key benefits it will bring to your organisation.



Let’s demystify here… 

Desktop on Demand (DOD) is very similar to your normal desktop, but instead of all of your data and applications being stored on your physical PC or laptop, everything runs from our secure data-centre. No more worrying about backups, or data loss, or costly hardware upgrades – we take care of everything. Technically speaking Desktop On Demand is a hosted desktop, however, its packaged in a more reliable and secure way and jam-packed full-to-the-brim of features that puts our solution ahead of the competition.

Use all of your Office Apps

You can of course use all of the Microsoft applications you are so use to. Updates and licensing are taken care of too, so your Microsoft Office apps will always be up-to-date and headache free!


Your own apps can come along for the ride too!

We can also add your own applications to your users’ profiles and deal with application support on your behalf.


What happens to your company data

We’ll move all of your company data into the cloud. These hugely powerful machines are hosted in our UK data-centres and fully managed by ISO 27001 accredited engineers. Your data never leaves UK shores and in the event of a disaster, as your apps and data are no longer stored on hardware, you’ll be back up and running in no time.


Perfect for the nomadic workers

One of the major benefits of hosted desktops is that you or your workforce does not have to be in the office. You can access your desktop, apps and company data from any device and from anywhere in the world. Don’t forget, you’ll need an internet connection.

More benefits can be found right here – there are lots more!




Still have a burning question? We have a great FAQ section.