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Below are the answers to some of the most common questions we are asked

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What is Desktop On Demand ?

Desktop on Demand (DOD) is very similar to your normal desktop, but instead of all of your data and applications being stored on your physical PC or laptop, everything runs from our secure datacentre. No more worrying about backups, or data loss, or costly hardware upgrades; we take care of everything.

Is Desktop on Demand the same as a hosted desktop ?

Desktop on Demand is technically a hosted desktop however its packaged in a more reliable, secure  and cost effective infrastructure.

Can we use Microsoft Office ?

Yes you can and we can provide the latest versions of Microsoft office (Currently Office 2016).

Will we save electricity costs moving to Desktop On Demand Environment ?

Yes, with the removal of servers and lower powered access devices , not only will this reduce your carbon footprint, you can typical see a reduction in costs too.

Do I need to be in the office to work on a DOD hosted desktop ?

No, you can work anywhere you have an internet connection.

About the packages

How much will it cost ?

Packages start from as little as £24.00 a month (subject to requirements)

Is there a minimum contract ?

Yes, DOD does have a minimum contract period of 12 months.

Do you have a minimum amount of users ?

No, however under 5 users may have additional costs applied.


How does DOD compare to Citrix
Do you use Citrix?

Yes, we provide three forms of services Citrix, RDP and DOD.

Can we print from the hosted desktop to a local printer ?

Yes, you can print to your local printers.

Is there a minimum internet speed?

We find that typically around 1Mbps connection per 10-20 users will provide a good level of speed and performance.

Can you move the whole of my physical server that runs my dedication application so that I have everything exactly the same ?

Yes, we offer a lift and shift service where we will take your whole server (physical or virtual) replicate it and host it in your DOD environment (SAP, IRIS, SAGE, MCS, CRM, Access, Sage Manufacturing,  are just a small few that are suitable).

Can I use more than one monitor ?

Yes you can use multiple monitors.

Can we use a scanner from the DOD platform ?

Yes it is possible to configure scanners to scan from your local scanner to your hosted DOD desktop. (if internet connection is low then we will recommend an additional third party app).

Where is my data stored ?

Your data is stored securely and is managed by our ISO 27001 accredited data centre staff based in the UK.

Can I put my own applications on a hosted desktop ?

Yes, we can add your applications to your users’ profiles and deal with application support on your behalf (valid license will be required).

Can we have data and applications that only certain staff can access ?

We are able to restrict access to certain data and applications and will be discussed at the time of implementation.


Do you have 24/7 monitoring support ?

Yes we 24/7 monitoring support in place.

How do I contact support ?

You can raise a support ticket by emailing support@desktopondemand.com or drop us a call on: +44 (0)121 289 3661

Can I email or call up if I have a problem ?

Yes, We have a dedicated ticketing email system and subject to your support options we also have dedicated UK staff to take your calls.