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At Desktop on Demand we operate a security first culture ensuring that the integrity of our customers’ security and privacy is paramount. Our world-class UK data centers are accredited and certified to ISO27001 and PCI DSS standards, giving our customers…

Backups & Security

Desktop on Demand (DOD) is very similar to your normal desktop, but instead of all of your data and applications being stored on your physical PC or laptop, everything runs from our secure datacentre. No more worrying about backups, or…

What is Desktop on Demand

Improve the speed of your DoD desktop session with inbuilt Wan Accelerator, get enhanced printer connectivity and dual screen functionality; all in the DOD Access Pad Client. Watch this video and learn where and how to download the DOD Access…

How to

Desktop On Demand is essentially a replication of your Windows Desktop but with the information hosted in the cloud. Practically speaking, all of your Applications and Business Data are available to you at any time, across any platform or device,…

What is Desktop on Demand

Desktop On Demand brings together a number of services, it is essentially a hosted desktop with outstanding UK support and a dedicated migration team that will help making the switch easy for your organisation.

What is Desktop on Demand

IT is generally considered to be a critical business infrastructure and it was important to us that we provided a dedicated migration team for our customers. The high-level planning through the migration process is one of the most important elements…


Our goal is to make things as seamless as possible for the end-user, with a host of benefits and features to help improve flexibility and access. As soon as we’ve set up your Desktop On Demand environment, it’s as easy…

What is Desktop on Demand

We are often asked if whether businesses can use existing applications to run their business. Using our lift and shift process, we are able to encapsulate your business applications and put them on to our hosted environment.