Cut Your IT Costs

Cut Your IT Costs

How a Hosted Desktop can Reduce Your IT Budget

From ease to accessibility, a hosted desktop solution offers countless benefits. While working from anywhere at anytime provides businesses with an ideal service in itself, a hosted desktop solution can not only help to increase productivity but can actually lower your costs too.

For many businesses, the IT aspect of the organisation’s budget can be a significant proportion. However, with the implementation of hosted desktops for your workforce, you can dramatically reduce your IT budget. Whether you want to reduce your budget or put your finances to better use, here are three ways that a hosted desktop can cut your IT budget.

Three ways a hosted desktop can reduce your IT budget


  1. Your Server

First and foremost, a server is an expensive piece of equipment for any business. Purchasing the server itself is costly. However, there are added costs for a server such as the requirements for cooling mechanisms or air-conditioning to help keep your server at optimum temperature and, therefore, in an excellent condition.

With a hosted desktop, you do not need a server as your hosted desktop provider offers this function. This means you not only save money on buying servers as well as upkeep and maintenance, but you may also be able to recoup costs by selling your server and related equipment.


  1. Data Integrity and Protection

Managing your data security can be costly. It requires you to have the latest security software and to ensure upgrades are regularly completed. Many businesses feel they cannot control their IT security costs as the updates come out so frequently. As well as this, many workers lose many hours and profit by trying to recover files that have been lost due to a system crashing or server not backing up data.

A hosted desktop can help to protect your data by ensuring the servers have high levels of security and the latest software available. Furthermore, all of your data is backed up instantly to the cloud. With data integrity, you can reduce the number of lost working hours trying to recover lost files and see significant savings.


  1. Lower staff costs

It is expensive to have someone to attend to all of your IT matters in-house. While you may want an IT team in-house for projects and customer work, when you have your own server, you need someone to jump into action as soon as there is a problem. This is incredibly inefficient and will lose time of value-added and profit-making tasks as well as lost working hours from them and the rest of your staff.

With a hosted desktop, you can ensure your IT team are only working on revenue-generating activities. This means your IT support team can be reassigned to projects and can save you valuable staff costs as you will not need to recruit for a large support team.

You can also reduce staff costs by promoting remote working. With this, you spend less on staff facilities and amenities.

Ready to reduce your IT budget?


A hosted desktop solution will not only reduce your IT budget but can cut costs throughout the business, especially when it comes to infrastructure and space. If you would like to see a significant reduction in your IT budget and beyond, request your free hosted desktop demo and realise the potential for your business.


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