A Solution to Save Money & Make Your Business Greener

A Solution to Save Money & Make Your Business Greener

When it comes to budget planning for businesses, the costs of ongoing business maintenance can seem exorbitant. Around 20% of expenditure for small businesses is solely dedicated to IT. However, many companies will look back on their finances and notice IT costs creeping up with unexpected requirements such as IT troubleshooting, unplanned maintenance, breakdowns and firefighting problems.

While traditionally, IT costs are a necessary burden for businesses, which can be flexible, demanding and expensive. A hosted desktop solution can rid your organisation of this problem. With a hosted desktop solution, you can free your business of restrictive and prohibitive IT costs and equipment. Instead, you can enjoy an IT solution that is flexible, affordable and tailored to your needs. Read on to find out how a hosted desktop can save your business money.

5 Ways a Hosted Desktop Can Save You Money:


  1. Server: From the hardware to the space needed, the required server conditions such as temperature control and the capacity – a server is an expensive piece of equipment. A hosted desktop means you no longer need a server on site. Instead, your hosted desktop provider will have the prime condition servers in a safe and secure data centre to meet your businesses needs.
  2. Support: If your IT team spend their hours troubleshooting issues and maintaining your servers, you can significantly reduce this non-value-added time. IT staff can focus on profitable customer-centric activities. All the while, you can trust that your provider has a team of IT experts who prioritise looking after your servers. You will also have a support team to contact should anything go wrong.
  3. Updates: Protecting your business data is crucial. However, software updates and anti-virus solutions can be expensive and seem to need frequent upgrades. With a hosted desktop, you can be sure that your provider is keeping your data protected with the latest updates, all included within your fixed cost.
  4. Downtime: Does your business lose money through office closures, travel time and unexpected staff problems? A hosted desktop can be accessed anywhere, at any time. This means staff can work and share information when travelling. It also enables people to work from home if they need to and ensures that your business can keep running despite any unexpected event.
  5. Managed Growth: If your team size fluctuates, it can be hard to predict your IT requirements and ensure you have the capacity. With a hosted desktop, you can simply increase or decrease your licences as you need to, making sure your IT solution grows cost-effectively with your business.
Making Your Organisation Greener


Switching to a hosted desktop solution helps your business to improve its eco-friendly credentials. Using a cloud system instead of a physical server at your premises reduces the energy required for server utilisation. Many organisations run servers inefficiently, with low output. Alternatively, a hosted desktop solution runs fewer machines at a much higher capacity. This can significantly reduce energy costs. A hosted desktop will not only help your energy bills, but it will also be kinder to the planet, too.

Hosted desktop providers ensure that all servers are running with peak performance to provide high-quality output for customers and reduce wasted energy. By lowering energy consumption, we lower carbon emissions which helps to lessen the impact on the environment.

If you want to save money and go green, a hosted desktop solution is the answer.


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