10 Reasons Why Your Charity Needs a Hosted Desktop

10 Reasons Why Your Charity Needs a Hosted Desktop

While every organisation wants to save money where they can, charities and not for profit organisations have a more critical job of being cost-efficient. To help their chosen cause as much as possible and truly make a difference, charities need to reduce their admin costs so that they can use more of the budget for charitable work.

One way to reduce administration costs is through IT. A hosted desktop solution can reduce IT costs for servers, set-up and support. With a cost-effective and manageable monthly payment, charities can better budget their income for their worthy cause.

It is not just a lower cost that makes a hosted desktop an idea solution for charities and not for profits. Here are ten more reasons why a hosted desktop is perfect for charities…

1. Software: Hosted desktops reduce the cost of software with no upfront licence costs. Furthermore, software providers will usually lower their software costs for charitable organisations too.

3. Data Security: With strict data security and ISO 27001 in place, you can trust that your data is safe.

5. Productivity: Working on any device, staff can get more work completed without needing to be in the office.

7. Energy Costs: Save on energy with no requirement for an energy-guzzling server.

9. Back-up: Your data and applications have back-up and can be retrieved if anything goes wrong.

2. Monthly Fee: Plan your budget carefully and tender for short-term contracts with ease without associated IT costs.

4. GDPR: Charities must comply with the GDPR, hosted desktops make it easier to store and manage data in one single place.

6. Overseas access: If staff are on assignments elsewhere in the world, they can still report back to the business securely with access to the internet.

8. Green: Support your green credentials with lower power consumption and energy use.

10. Volunteers: Volunteers can help with ease by using their own devices and supporting the charities by working at home or out at locations.

With the GDPR two weeks away, your charity needs a security-first working solution.
Desktop on Demand is your answer.


At Desktop on Demand, we can provide your charity and not for profit business with a simple, flexible service solution that you need. With cloud hosting, our packages are fully scalable to suit your business requirements and can create a bespoke solution to suit your specific needs.


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