Why Your Business Should Offer Flexible Working With A Hosted DOD Solution

Why Your Business Should Offer Flexible Working With A Hosted DOD Solution

For a business to succeed, it is essential to attract exceptional talent. The right team can make all the difference to an organisation. So, how can employers attract the ideal candidates for the role? While it is often thought that money is the primary motivator, it seems that work flexibility is something candidates really want in order to achieve the perfect work-life balance.

Do employers have to offer flexible working?

The legislation says that anyone who has worked for an employer for 26 weeks has the legal right to ask their employers for flexible working. Employees are able to submit one flexible working request a year. For businesses to decline the request, they must be able to prove that they have a sound business reason to reject the proposal.

How a hosted DOD enables flexible working

Using a hosted desktop on demand solution provides staff with the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, providing they have a device and internet access. The use of hosted DOD solution means businesses have the freedom, cost-efficiency, and scalability to have a solution that meets business needs, while also provides employees with the chance to work remotely and flexibly.

Why should businesses offer flexible working?

1. Attract the right talent

Around one-fifth of candidates ask about the possibility of flexibility during their first interview. Candidates typically look favourably on organisations that offer flexible working. Without providing this perk, businesses may lose out on top talent.

What’s more, over half of the people surveyed would not consider returning to a traditional work routine after having the benefit of flexible working. So if a previous employer has offered flexible working, then the candidates you require for the business may not even apply.

2. Increase Productivity

89%of people believe flexible working would improve their productivity while 81% of remote workers say that flexible working encourages them to boost their productivity levels.

Furthermore, productivity is also increased as flexible workers take less leave than those who work in a traditional work schedule.

Internal servers can be incredibly expensive. Not only for the equipment that servers require but for the support team to maintain them. Don’t forget the costs of upgrades, software, space and conditions too. However, with a virtual desktop, you remove the expensive cost of server equipment and maintenance and instead, the costis replacedwith a more budget-friendly monthly fee.

3. It’s easy!

With cost-effective hosted desktop on demand solutions, it is now easier than ever to allow flexible working. With internet access, employees are able to access the documents, software and solutions they need from anywhere, on multiple devices.


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